My Heathrow Plane Spotting Experience


I’ve been to London a couple of times now, and Heathrow was one of the airports that I wanted to spot at. My trips to London were in April 2016 and January 2017. In this post I’ll be sharing my all three experiences.

My first time spotting at Heathrow was in April 2016, on my way back to Dubai. Since Emirates operates out of Terminal 3, I figured it’ll be great for terminal spotting. I tried a few different places by simply walking around the terminal.


Here are the shots from this exact location, a lens with the focal length of 250mm would be great for departures out of runway 27R. This spot also has great views of the control tower.


Here is another spot, right beside the Emirates First and Business Class Lounge.


A lens with the focal length of 300mm is perfect for this location, as you get to see all the taxiway action.

IMG_9590.jpgIMG_9736 (1).jpg

The spot that has been on my list since my April 2016 visit was Myrtle Avenue. I took a taxi to the avenue itself. You can also get off at Hatton Cross Station and walk for a few minutes to Myrtle Avenue.


This spot is good for the 27L arrivals or 9R departures. A lens with the focal length of 100mm should be enough for the arrivals.


For my flight back, I was flying on Etihad Airways that operates out of Terminal 4.  Terminal 4 features a view deck at the right end side of the terminal. You’ll find both an elevator or you can take the stairs to it.


This spot is ideal for runway 27L departures or arrivals. A lens with the focal length of 400mm is perfect to catch all the action.