I’m back to share a few Emirates operational changes. Service increases, upgrades, and reductions will be included in this post.


Emirates Reductions:

Dubai – Los Angles, reduced to a single daily flight. EK217, 218 flight is cancelled while EK215/ 216 continues to operate on a daily basis.

Dubai – Seattle Tacoma, reduced to a single daily flight. EK227/ 228 is no longer available for booking; however, EK229/ 230 continues to operate seven days a week.

Dubai – Boston, reduced to a single daily flight. EK239/ 240 is cancelled  from the Second of June. EK237/ 238 continues to operate everyday.

Dubai – Orlando, the seven weekly flights are down to five weekly flights. Tuesday and Thursday flights are cancelled.

Dubai – Fort Lauderdale, reduced from a daily flight to five flights a week. Flights on Mondays and Wednesdays are cancelled.

Dubai – Athens, reduced to a single daily flight. EK103/ 104 cancelled while EK209/ 210 which continues on to Newark operates on a daily basis.

Dubai – Birmingham, reduced from three to two daily flights. EK41/ 42 is discontinued. EK37/ 38 and EK39/ 40 continue to operate everyday.

Dubai – Bangkok, down to six flights a day from seven. EK384/ 385, EK376/ 377, EK418/419, EK372/ 373, EK370/ 371, and EK374/ 375 continue operating on a daily basis.