Cathay Pacific B777-300 Regional Business Class, Hong Kong – Denpasar/ Bali.


Following a fun week in Hong Kong, we had a few days to spend in Bali, Indonesia. We arrived at Hong Kong’s Airport at 7:50AM for our 10:10AM departure to Denpasar/ Bali on Cathay Pacific. There was a queue at the business class check-in area, it only took about ten minutes though. After that we were through security which took about 15 minutes. At about 8:30AM we headed to the Cabin Lounge located near gate 23.

The scheduled departure time was 10:10AM with boarding starting at 9:30AM and the gate closing at 10AM sharp. By 9:15AM, we headed to the gate. The departure gate was gate 25 which was only a couple of minutes away from the lounge. At this point, the aircraft was not in the gate yet. A few minutes later it was announced that their will be a 20 minute delay and the new scheduled departure time was 10:30AM.

Scheduled Departure: 10:10AM.

Scheduled Arrival: 3:00PM.

Flight Duration: 4 Hours and 50 minutes.

Flight Number: CX 785.

The four-hour fifty minute flight from Hong Kong to Bali on Cathay Pacific is operated by a regional B777-300 with 42 recliner business class seats and 356 economy class seats. These are primarily used for flights within Asia like Bangkok, Singapore, and Shanghai. This flight was operated by the 18-year-old B-HNJ. This was a short daytime flight, so recliner seats in business class seemed comfortably fine.

Boarding finally started at 10:10AM with business class passengers, one world emeralds, and passengers who needed assistance. I boarded through door L1 where I was greeted by the inflight service manager who was Filipino. She pointed me towards the right aisle where my seat was located.

For this flight, I selected seat 12A which is a window seat on the second row of business class. Cathay Pacific B777-300’s are configured in a pretty dense configuration with 42 seats in business class in the 2-3-2 configuration. The 42 recliner seats are located exclusively between doors L1/ R1 and L2/  R2. From there on, there are 356 economy seats in a 3-3-3 configuration which seems spacious compared to the cramped 3-4-3 with many airlines.

Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 11.41.11 PM.png

Fortunately, Cathay Pacific will change their regional business class cabins to staggered seats which are a lot better. On the other hand, all Cathay Pacific B777’s economy class cabins will be configured into the 3-4-3 configuration.




Business class starts with row 11, which only has three center seats, so seated on a window seat in row 12, allows you to have three windows all to yourself. Also note that there is no row 13. To the right of the seat were the controls and the inflight entertainment controller. There was also a small storage area, were you could put you sunglasses, passport, or wallet.

IMG_4592.jpgIMG_4540.jpgIMG_4541 (1).jpg

The inflight entertainment screen was a bit high, so it maybe tiring to look at it for longer periods. A USB port is located beside, along with a phone storage place.


A few minutes after settling into the seat, Iris, one of the lovely business class flight attendants came by to offer me a beverage, I went with water. Refills were offered. A few minutes later, she passed hot towels to the passengers. At 10:30AM, Captain Steve came on the PA to welcome us onboard CX785 to Bali, apologized for the delay, and informed us that the flight time for today will be four hours and fifteen minutes. At 10:35AM sharp, the aircraft doors were closed with nine empty seats in business class and a full house in economy. At 10:40AM we began our pushback and the safety video demonstration was screened. Five minutes later, we began our fifteen minute taxi to runway 7R. We were number two for takeoff behind a Delta Airlines A330 heading to Seattle. We had 45 second takeoff roll before we were airborne and on our way to Bali.

IMG_2542 (1).jpg

The lunch service began 25 minutes after departure, Patricia came by my seat to offer me some mixed nuts and a beverage.

IMG_4560 (1).jpg

It was not until 12:00PM, that the appetizers were served. The appetizer consisted of tabouleh with some shrimp. There was a side salad, and bread was offered from the bread basket. The tabouleh was certainly different from the ones in the Middle East, and the shrimps were tasty.


As soon as the appetizers were cleared, the main course cart was rolled into the aisle, there was a choice between lamb, chicken, and fish. I went with the cod with some jasmine rice, which was pretty good as well.


The fruit and cheese cart was rolled through the cabin but I skipped since I wanted to have dessert which was basically ice-cream, I went with some Belgian Chocolate which was, as always, delicious.


The flight attendants on the sector were friendly and attentive. The service though did not feel personalized, as passengers weren’t addressed by name and the flight attendants focused on finishing the meal service as soon as possible, which was done about two hours into the flight. I decided to take a look at the lavatory which was pretty basic and felt a bit outdated.


At this point, I felt a bit dizzy.  I reclined the seat and requested a blanket which was soft. I slept for a good hour, and surprisingly, the seat was extremely comfortable. Thirty minutes out of Denpasar, the captain came on the PA to inform us that we began our descent and updated us with the time of arrival.

At 3:05PM, the Captain once again came on the PA to inform us that we’ve been put into a holding pattern which will delay our arrival by 10 minutes. Sure enough, at 3:35PM, we touched down at Denpasar’s runway 09, from there we taxied for a couple of minutes to our gate. At 3:40PM, the doors were opened, and we were through to immigration. Unfortunately, immigration took over an hour. So we left the airport shortly after 5:00PM.

Cathay Pacific Regional B777 Business Class Bottom Line

This was a fun short flight between Hong Kong and Indonesia. The seats were fine, though not amazing. The flight attendants were friendly, the food was pretty good though not memorable. Do keep in mind, Cathay Pacific’s flight to Bali is a direct turnaround for the crew and pilots.

Seat Comfort: 8.5/ 10.

Amenities: 7.5/ 10.

Service: 9.5/ 10.

Food: 8.5/ 10.